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A powerful glory and tears story of an East End boxing idol who went from national hero to fallen star. It features many previously unseen photos. The name Teddy Baldock is enshrined in the record books as Britain's youngest ever world champion, a pugilist of great historical importance. Born at Poplar on May 20th, 1908, boxing was in his blood, his grandfather having been a bare-knuckle fighter. Baldock's brilliant boxing skills and colourful style saw him fight in famous venues like Madison Square Gardens and on the same card as the likes of James J. Braddock (the Cinderella Man ). At 19, the Pride of Poplar defeated American Archie Bell at the Royal Albert Hall for the World bantamweight title, in one of the greatest bouts between boxing's little men. He would never reach such heights again, but when he retired after a distinguished career of over 80 fights he remained a hero of the East End, long after his heyday in the ring. Teddy s story is the stuff of legend; in his prime, his wealth and fame was such that he rubbed shoulders with dukes and earls, and the Prince of Wales even requested to shake his hand. But in 1971, when he died penniless in an Essex infirmary, he didn't even have his own pyjamas. The man who had thrilled packed boxing arenas with his noble art was completely forgotten . . . until now..
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