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Perfect your Right Cross punch technique at The Ring Online

By Mark Burford

The thing we love to do at The Ring boxing club is focus on improving your technique: great form is what wins you matches, so practice makes perfect.

Here we are looking at what might seem a simple punch – the Right Cross. Following on from the Jab, it’s the one that everyone thinks they know how to do.

The jab is a tin-opener punch that allows you to get your back hand off, so you can unleash the right cross (for orthodox stance boxers).

Great technique

Working with a fighter as powerful and proficient as Jack Morris demonstrates how technique is so vital and so worthwhile.

Watch us in this short training video from our unique online coaching course.

You can see how much power is generated with minimal effort: it’s all about punching through the line of the body, transferring weight from the back foot to the front and with pelvic and foot rotation.

The power comes from combining those three elements of body shape and movement rather than from the arm – and it’s the difference between an average boxer who’s going to get worn out and one that will cause serious damage to his or her opponent.

What is crucial is how Jack shifts his body weight from 55% on the back foot to 55% on the front foot as he goes through the punch.

He is using better biomechanics to create great power with the rotation from leg to pelvis with the arm coming through with a nice low elbow.

Practice at home

Practice with a punchbag or light dumbbells at home and really work on improving the technique of your punches as we head towards creating some nice combinations.

You can join our authentic online training sessions here with membership at The Ring Boxing Club online.

And get into Brady’s morning workouts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30am.

If you can’t be with us under the arches, it doesn’t mean you can’t improve your boxing technique.

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