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Learn the most important punch in boxing: The Basic Jab

By Mark Burford

Welcome to online boxing training from The Ring, the legendary club now beaming our unique coaching direct to you. We are offering you a complete programme to both keep you fit and develop your skills in the greatest fight sport on the planet.

This week, we focus on the most important and most-used punch in boxing: The Basic Jab.

I always tell my fighters that they need to master the jab as it is the punch that will both keep you out of trouble – and drain your opponent’s power.

The Hammer

It’s how you keep him (or her) at bay as no-one wants to walk into a well-aimed and efficient hammer. And if you hitting them with a hammer, then your opponent’s energy is going to leak away as the fight goes on.

Whether you’re fighting for fitness or glory, mastering the jab is key to success. The jab is thrown with the leading hand straight from the chin in a direct line towards the target – usually the chin or nose.

With this basic jab, as the hand leaves its guard position, we don’t rotate the fist: just blast it straight out and clench it just before impact. Minimal effort, maximum impact. Immediately withdraw the fist back to the guard position to protect yourself from any counter punches.

Gently shift your weight from left foot to right as the punch is thrown, both to build pressure and to shift yourself as a target for the counter. Repeat and practice often – when shadow boxing or on the heavy bag.

Watch this video to see our coaching session with former Southern Area champion Jack Morris showing perfect technique for a jab that can dictate how a bout is going to go.

The Basic Jab


If you’ve got a punchbag at home – or some light dumbbells – you can join our online training sessions here by joining The Ring boxing club online.

Don’t forget to join Brady’s morning workouts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30am.

Until we can get back in The Ring, our online training is the next best thing.

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