Get into Beastmode by learning boxing online at The Ring – The Ring Boxing Club Shop

Get into Beastmode by learning boxing online at The Ring

Hi, it's the Burf here.

Mark Burford, owner and head coach of The Ring boxing club in Blackfriars, under the arches in South London.

We all know how it is: stuck indoors during lockdown, it’s winter, cold and miserable out there. We’re all feeling a bit flabby and floppy.

You need to get back into Beastmode.

Boxing is the best training there is for taking out daily frustrations, building new skills and, literally, getting fighting fit.

And there is no better place to learn and develop than the London boxing gym with more than a century of heritage – the legend that is The Ring.

And now we are online, giving you the best workouts and guidance to bring out the beast in you.

The gym may be closed, the streets may be empty, but you can get highly valuable training beamed into your home with our new online workout regime.

Our own Quick Handed Kiwi Brady is running morning boxing circuits on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays bright and early from 7.30am.

See Brady's fast hands here!

The Burf is now running pre-recorded sessions at All you need is a punch bag at home or some hand weights to get stuck in.

Burf goes into the technical and biomechanical aspects of punching and introduces you to his favourite vehicle of torture – The Volume Power Indicator (VPI). Tune in and see how this is the KPI you have all been waiting for.

The sessions round out with our very own Jack 13 Morris leading a circuit class that will sort out the men from the boys and the women from the girls. Don’t forget a towel and water.

You can find out more about the history of our great club The Ring by clicking here: join up and get into boxing during this difficult time.

We promise that The Ring’s Online training will be just as challenging and revitalizing as the real thing. Get online and get punching now.

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